Didier Depireux

Associate UM Faculty Scientist

I started my career as a theoretical physicist, and later moved into the computational neuroscience of hearing. In order to obtain the data needed to develop models, I started developing my own wet research, including chornic neurophysiological recordings from an awake ferret and later rat models. During my tenure at the school of medicine, I starteddeveloping a rat model of noise-induced tinnitus and the effect of a variety of drugs on preventing tinnitus post-trauma. 

My current research mainly focuses on nanoparticle-mediated drug delivery to the cochlea and to the brain, and its effect on preventing and reversing hearing loss and tinnitus. 

Personal Website:
  • PhD Physics (string theory)
Former Students
  • Barak Shecther
    Senior Software Engineer, Quartet Financial Systems
  • Heather Dobbins
    Clinical Trials.gov
2205 A.V. Williams Building
Neuroscience and Cognitive Science
Phone: (301) 405-2219
Email: depireux@umd.edu