Postdoc - Lab of Neuropsychology, NIMH - Auditory Memory in Monkeys - with Mort Mishkin

Postdoc - Neural Systems Lab - ISR, ECE - Auditory Processing and Task-Related Cortical Plasticity - with Shihab Shamma

Assistant Research Scientist and currently Associate Research Scientist - NSL, ISR, ECE

Visiting Scientist Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology, Magdeburg, Germany 

Visiting Scientist Hebrew University and Weizmann Institute, Jerusalem and Rehovot, Israel

Visiting Scientist Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, France


  • PhD
    Neuroscience - Brown University - Neurobiology of Echolocation in Bats - with Jim Simmons
  • MA
    Neuroscience - Washington University
  • MA
    Psychology, Philosophy, Physiological Sciences - Oxford
  • BA
    Mathematics and Renaissance History - York University

Using animal models, my research focuses on the neural basis for auditory perception, scene analysis, attention, learning, memory, audiomotor links and decision making in auditory tasks. By recording responses in multiple cortical areas in the awake, behaving ferret in different task conditions, it has been possible to study encoding of complex spectrotemporal stimuli, and trace the transformation from sound to behavioral meaning in neurons in higher auditory cortical centers and frontal cortex. Our research indicates that topdown signals can reshape cortical filters to optimize task performance in a form of rapid plasticity. In addition to behavioral, neurophysiological and neuroanatomical techniques, we are also beginning optogenetic studies to elucidate the top-down role of frontal cortex during auditory selective attention. We have also begun studies to develop the mouse model to study these issues by simultaneoulsy imaging  large neuronal ensembles in the awake mouse.                                                                                                                                            

Research Methods
Animal Behavior
Research Interests
Auditory Neuroscience
Brain Plasticity
Cerebral Cortex
Cognitive Neuroscience
Learning and Memory
Sensorimotor Integration

Current Students

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Neuroscience and Cognitive Science
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