I am an incoming NACS graduate student but have been working at the University of Maryland for 3+ years as the Laboratory of Cognition and Emotion's lab manager. Before UMD, I received my master's degree in Psychology at Northern Michigan University studying tactile sensitivity of the human neck and its potential as a sensory substitution site under the direction of Dr. Mounia Ziat. Currently, my work with Dr. Pessoa focuses on how brain regions respond differently under threatening and safe situations using classic fMRI techniques and more novel Bayesian approaches. My main research interest is how the cerebellum, a region involved in a multitude of brain processes, temporally responds to threat and how its response relates to other cortical and subcortical regions. In my spare time I love to cook, do yoga, and read strange topics of non-fiction!

Areas of Interest

  • emotion, cognition, cerebellum


  • MS
    Experimental Psychology, Northern Michigan University
Kelly Morrow
0125 BPS
Neuroscience and Cognitive Science
kmorrow [at] umd.edu