• BS
    Molecular Biology - Nagoya University, Japan
  • MS
    Molecular Biology - Nagoya University, Japan
  • PhD
    Molecular Biology - Nagoya University, Japan
  • Postdoc
    Yale University School of Medicine (Adviser: Pasko Rakic)

Development of the cerebral cortex is a highly intricate process, ranging from spatiotemporally-regulated neuronal specification and migration to synapse formation and plasticity, most of which are susceptible to the change of environment. As such, exposure to harsh environment significantly increases the risks of neurological and psychiatric disorders, including intellectual disability and epilepsy. The goal of our laboratory is to understand how the normal and adverse prenatal environment shapes the cognition, and to bring the findings to the development of effective treatments for children and adults who suffer from everyday problems due to neuropsychiatric conditions.

Research Methods
Human Postmortem Specimen
In Vivo Imaging
Research Interests
Cerebral Cortex
Intellectual Disability
Mouse Genetic Models
Dr. Kazue Hashimoto-Torrii
Children's National Hospital, 111 Michigan Avenue NW, M7631, Washington DC, 20010
Neuroscience and Cognitive Science
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