962018Farzad Ehtemam Neural control of speed in human walking  
952018Ronny Gentry Neural Mechanisms of Approach and Avoidance  
942017Srikanth PadmalaInteractions between appetitive and aversive processing during perception and attentionUMD/Assistant Research Scientist
932017Jared ShamwellNeuro-Inspired Augmentations of Unsupervised Deep Neural Networks for Low-SWaP Embodied Robotic PerceptionARL/Research Scientist
922017Graham MarquartConstruction and utilization of digital brain atlases in larval zebrafish 
912017Amanda BurtonThe Long-Term Impact of Previous Cocaine Self-Administration on Decision-Making and Striatal CircuitryNIH/Clinical Trials Results Analyst
902017Jessica WessThe role of frequency, timing, and level distortion on binaural processing in simulations of cochlear implant users with single-sided deafness 
892017Francisco Cervantes-ConstantinoSensory and perceptual codes in cortical auditory processingIngenious Softworks/Consultant
882017Chris HeffnerLanguage Science Meets Cognitive Science: Categorization and AdaptationUniversity of Connecticut/Postdoc
872017Sarah BlankenshipEffects of early and concurrent parenting and child cortisol reactivity on hippocampal structure and functional connectivity during childhood: A prospective, longitudinal studySociety for Research in Child Development/Postdoc
862016Molly Hyer Neuroendocrine mechanisms underlying paternal experience-induced plasticity of the hippocampusVirginia Commonwealth University/Postdoc
852016Aminah SheikhSubplate neurons and their role in the functional maturation of the brainChildren's National Medical Center/Postdoc
842016Krystyna SolaranaDevelopment and plasticity of the functional laminar mesoscale organization of primary auditory cortexFood and Drug Administration/Postdoc
832016Tao JiangConserved role of Emx2 in establishing polarity of sensory hair cellsNIDCD, NIH/Postdoc
822016Mark SafferThe impact of motor learning on motor behavior and cortical dynamics in a complex stressful social envirnonmentBaltimore VA Hospital/Postdoc
812016Kathryn YooAction and perception: Neural indices of learning in infantsAutism Research Training Program at the MIND Institute at UC Davis/Postdoc
802016Ying TanThe Influence of Motivation on Emotion Regulation and Motor Performance: Examination of a Neuro-Affective ModelDSO National Laboratories, Singapore/Engineering & Scientific Officer
792016Diego ElguedaTransformations of Task-Dependent Plasticity from A1 to Higher-Order Auditory CortexUMD/Postdoc
782016Matt SwierzbinskiPhysiological effects of alcohol on crayfish escape circuitryPotomac Institute for Policy Studies/Postdoc
772016Alex PresaccoEffects of aging on midbrain and cortical speech-in-noise processingUniversity of California, Irvine/Postdoc
762016Andrew VeneziaInfluence of acute and chronic exercise on markers of hippocampal plasticityUniversity of Scranton/Asst. Professor
752016Jeffrey ChrabaszczUnderstanding information use in multi-attribute decision makingCarnegie Mellon/Postdoc
742016Amanda ChicoliSocial and ecological factors influencing collective behavior in Giant DanioCarnegie Institute/Postdoc
732015Hyuk OhA multiple representations model of the human mirror neuron system for learned action imitationUMCP/Postdoc
722015Shikha PrashadThe effects of sequence structure, age-related impairments, and Parkinson's disease on motor sequence learningUT Dallas/Postdoc
712015Adam JonesLongitudinal Single-Unit Recording In The Macaque Face Patch System: Identity And Plasticity In The Anterior Fundus Face PatchUniversity of Iowa/Postdoc
702015Daniel BrydenResponse inhibition and the cortico-striatal circuitSchafer Corporation/Technical Contractor
692015Benjamin FalkAdaptive flight and echolocation behavior in batsJohns Hopkins/Postdoc
682015Yuwei CuiHierarchial neural computation in the mammalian visual systemNumenta Inc/Research Engineer
672015Joanna SzczepanikExperimental measurement of behavioral approach motivation in major depressive disorderNIMH/Psychologist
662014David LoganSubtask control in human locomotionDrexel/Postdoc
652014Jong Moon ChoiInteractions between aversive and appetitive processing in the human brainKorea University/Postdoc
642014Yu GuThe regulation of critical period for ocular dominance plasticityNorthwestern/Postdoc
632014Sara TherrienIn-air and underwater hearing in diving birdsUSGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Cntr/Postdoc
622014Mohit ChadhaSomatosensory Signaling for Flight Control in the Echolocating Bat Eptesicus fuscusVanderbilt University/Postdoc
612014Susan Teubner-RhodesThe neural bases of the bilingual advantage in cognitive control: An investigation of conflict adaptation phenomenaMedical University/Postdoc
602014Katie WillisAnatomical and Physiological Characterization of the Turtle Brain Stem Auditory CircuitUMCP/Postdoc
592014Nuria AbdulSaburThe neural mechanisms supporting structure and inter-brain connectivity in natural conversationUnknown
582014Alice JacksonUsing a high-dimensional model of semantic space to predict neural activityJohns Hopkins/Postdoc
572013Bartlett RussellThe effect of mental stress on brain dynamics and performance related to attention control during a vigilance task: An electroencephalographic investigationScitor Corp/Senior Scientist 
562013Erika HusseyThe Malleability of Cognitive Control and its Effects on Language SkillsU of Illinois/Postdoc
552013Alexia Nunez ParraRegulation of the Inhibitory Drive in the Olfactory BulbU of Colorado/Postdoc
542013Kim DrnecEncelphalography (EEG) and Measures of Nociception in Domestic Cattle (Bos taurus)UMCP/Postdoc
532012Anna SchlappalEfficacy of estrogen treatment in a murine model of Alzheimer's diseaseUMCP/Postdoc
522012Matt MillerA programmatic research approach to understanding the impact of team environment on cerebral cortical dynamics and attentionAuburn University/Asst. Professor
512012Hui WangCircuit analysis of synaptic dysfunctions in the CA3 area of BACE1 knockout miceJohns Hopkins/Postdoc
502012Junfeng HuangMulti-digit Circular Object ManipulationNETE/Principal Software Consultant
492012Anusha VenkatakrishnanUnderstanding neuroplastic effects of transcranial direct current stimulation through analysis of dynamics of large-scale brain networksNIH/Results Analyst
482012Ben SmithComparing Small Graphs: How distance, orientation, and alignment affect the comparability of small multiple bar graphsCASL/Postdoc
472012Melissa PangelinanBrain Function Underlying Adaptive Sensorimotor Control in Children with and without Developmental Coordination Disorder Rotman Research Institute/Postdoc
462012Lale EvsenThe role of Sox2 in inner ear developmentNIH/Postdoc
452011Sarah HelfinsteinNeural Correlates of Approach and Avoidance Learning in Behavioral InhibitionU of Texas/Postdoc
442011Sharona AtkinsWorking memory: Assessment and TrainingUMCP/Postdoc
432011Jeremy RietschelPsychophysiological investigation of attentional processes during motor learningBaltimore VA Hospital/Postdoc
422011Michelle CostanzoExamination of the Brain Processes Underlying Emotion Regulation within a Stress Resilient PopulationNIH/Postdoc
412011Greg CoganTemporal dynamics of MEG phase information during speech perception: Segmentation and neural communication using mutual information and phase lockingNYU/Postdoc
402010Jin LiangIdentification of the molecular mechanisms of zebrafish inner ear hair cell regeneration using high-throughput gene expression profilingStanford/Postdoc
392010Yuanfen ZhangIdentifying Plant and Feedback in Human Postural ControlSt. Elizabeth's Hospital/Resident
382010Beth VernaleoRelative Salience of Envelope and Fine Structure Cues in Zebra Finch Song 
372010Claudia BoninSpatial and Temporal Characteristics of Electromagnetic Activity in the Brain Prior to Reaches to Visual TargetsSelf-Employed
362010Serin AtianiRapid Adaptive Plasticity in Auditory Cortex 
352009Raymond MerrittMyosins IIIa and IIIb regulate stereocilia length by transporting espin 1 to the polymerizing end of actin filamentsGalludet/Asst. Professor
342009Philip WangMolecular mechanisms of neuronal developmentNIH/Postdoc
332009Xiaohong DengComparative studies on the structure of the ears of deep-sea fishesNIH/Postdoc
322009Kaiwen HeAmpa receptor and synaptic plasticityUMCP/Postdoc
312008Chen ChiuAdaptive echolocation and flight behaviors in free flying bats, Eptesicus fuscusUMCP/Postdoc
302008Xing TianTesting a dynamic account of neural processing: Behavioral and elctrophysiological studies of semantic satiationNYU/Postdoc
292008Chris GlazeTemporal Structure in Zebra Finch Song: Implications for the Motor Code and Learning ProcessNIH/Postdoc
282008Feng RongMagnetoencephalography-based validation of a computational modelNIH/Postdoc
272008Ron GoodmanPerformance Under Pressure: examination of relevant neurobiological and genetic influenceBaltimore VA Hospital/Postdoc
262008Anubhuti GoelCellular and molecular mechanisms underlying homeostatic synaptic plasticityUCLA/Postdoc
252007Stacy HobsonText Summarization Evaluation: Correlating Human Performance on an Extrinsic Task with Automatic Intrinsic Metrics IBM/Research Staff Member
242007Mardi ByerlyIdentification of Novel Mechanisms in the Hypothalamus linked to AdiposityJohns Hopkins/Postdoc
232007David BootheNatural Variation in biological and simulated central pattern Northwestern/Postdoc
222007Youjun WangThe pharmacology and dynamics of light induced Ca signal in Limulus ventral photoreceptorsTemple University School of Medicine/Postdoc
212007Bruce SwettThe Neural Substrates of graphomotor sequence learningNIH/Postdoc
202007Huan LuoTracking sound dynamics in human auditory cortex: new macroscopic views from MEG evidencesChinese Academy of Science/Research Scientist
192007Murat AytekinSound Localization for BatsUMCP/Postdoc
182006Kelvin OieCharacterizing sensory re-weighting for human postural controlUS Army Research Lab/Research Psychologist
172006Monika DeshpandeRNAi and morpholio as tools to study signaling in limulus ventral photoreceptorsBoston University/Postdoc
162006Kaushik GhoseSonar beam direction and flight control in an echolocating batUMCP/Postdoc
152006Maria ChaitAuditory edge detection: The dynamics of the contruction of auditory perceptual representationsUMCP/Postdoc
142006Jin BoContinuous versus discontinuous drawing: possible cerebellar involvement in the development of temporal consistencyUniversity of Michigan/Postdoc
132005Mary HowardThe neural bases of lateralization effects in visual frequency processing: a computationa modeling investigationUMCP/Postdoc
122005Lewis WheatonRole of human parietal and premotor cortical areas in complex hand movementsBaltimore VA Hospital/Postdoc
112005Kyle VickUse of multiple cues for navigation by the Leaf-cutter Ant Atta cephalotesShawnee State University/Asst. Professor
102005Shiva SinhaOrienting gaze in freely behaving bats:  Functional and anatomical studies implicating the superior colliculus in sonar vocal productionIndiana University/Postdoc
92005Brenda BensonCholinergic contributions to emotion regulationNIH/Psychologist
82004Carol WhitneyInvestigations into the neural basis of structured representationsUMCP/Research Scientist
72004Virginie van WassenhoveCortical dynamics of auditory-visual speech: a forward model of multisensory integrationUCSF/Postdoc
62003Beth StevensActivity-dependent regulation of Schwann cell development by extracellular ATPStanford/Postdoc
52003Kaleb McDowellA dynamic view of movement planningUS Army Research Lab/Research Scientist
42003Anthony BoemioThe perceptual representation of sound in timeNIH/Postdoc
32002Daphne SoaresDiversity in the auditory brainstem of archosaursMarine Biological Lab/Teaching Assistant 
22001Suchitra ParameshwaranExpression of the Kv3-1 potassium channel in the avian auditory systemJohns Hopkins/Postdoc
11999Kenneth RevettA computational model of acute and sub-acute damage resulting from focal ischemiaKing's College London/Postdoc