127 2023 Andrew Borrell Reactivation of Plasticity in the Adult Visual Cortex by Control of Neuronal Excitability  
126 2023 Zachary Maher Knowledge and processing of morphosyntactic variation in African American Language and Mainstream American English Penn State/Postdoc
125 2023 Daniel Callow Acute Exercise Induced Microstructural and Functional Changes in the Hippocampus of Older Adults Johns Hopkins/Postdoc
124 2023 Benjamin Rickles EEG effects of event models in story comprehension  
123 2023 Junaid Merchant Brain Basis of Human Social Interactions: Neurocognitive Functions and Meta-Analysis UMD SPH/Data Analyst
122 2022 Greg Perrin The circuit components of contrast adaptation in the rod bipolar pathway UPenn/Postdoc
121 2022 Chethan Parameshwara Bio-inspired Motion Perception: From Ganglion Cells to Autonomous Vehicles Amazon/Applied Scientist
120 2022 Zoe Ovans Developmental Parsing and Cognitive Control UPenn/Postdoc
119 2022 Chelsea Haakenson The Role of the Medial Periaqueductal Gray and Catecholamines in the Regulation of Birdsong NIH Institute on Aging/Health Program Specialist
118 2022 Heather Pribut Cortical and striatal mechanisms of value-based decision-making and their disruption in addiction IQ Solutions/Freelance Writing Consultant
117 2022 Shakiba Rafiee Neural Feedback Contribution to Human Locomotion Control Amazon/Applied Scientist
116 2022 Matt Manion Sex differences in the forebrain dopaminergic circuit NICHD/Postdoc
115 2021 Willy Sun The Nanoarchitecture of the Outer Hair Cell Lateral Wall: Structural Correlates of Electromotility NIH/postdoc
114 2021 Hetal Shah Unraveling quality control pathways: The role and function of parkin-independent mitophagy Coalition for Aligning Science/Scientific Program Officer
113 2021 Kevin Schneider Cortical contributions to a combined appetitive-aversive social outcome task University of Washington Seattle/Postdoctoral Research Fellow


2021 Diana Alkire The Role of Theory of Mind in Social Interaction UMD/Postdoc
111 2021 Adam Fishbein Auditory Processing of Sequences and Song Syllables in Vocal Learning Birds UCSD/Postdoc
110 2021 Nicole Catanzarite Rethinking Analogical Reasoning:  The Power of Stimuli and Task Framework in Understanding Biomedical Science, Technological Advancements, and Social Interactions SfN/Neuroscience Policy Liaison
109 2020 Amritha Mallikarjun The use of the domestic dog (Canis familiaris) as a model for speech perception Penn State/Postdoc
108 2020 Rui Hu Local and Top-down Regulation of Olfactory Bulb Circuits Harvard/Postdoc
107 2020 Aybike Saglam Neurorepair Promoting Crosstalk Between Astrocytes & Olfactory Ensheathing Cells    NIH/Postdoc
106 2020 Lauren Weiss Structural and Functional Brain Network Correlates of Physical Activity and Cardiorespiratory Fitness: Examining the Influence of Depression Booz Allen/Senior Consultant
105 2020 Isabelle Shuggi

Examination of cognitive-motor processes during reaching movements: from independent human practice to human-robot team performance 

104 2020 Emma Shaw Cerebral Cortical Dynamics of Spatial Working Memory Depletion and its Effect on Cognitive-Motor Performance NIH/Clinical Trial Results Analyst
103 2020 Maureen Bowers Development of Motivational Influences on Monitoring and Control Recruitment in the Context of Proactive and Reactive Control in Adolescent Males UMD/Postdoc 
102 2020 Lucy Venuti Inhibition in the crayfish lateral giant circuit  
101 2019 Dustin Moraczewski Functional organization of social-motivational brain systems during social interaction in autism spectrum disorder NIMH/Data Scientist
100 2019 Mattson Ogg The Acoustic Factors That Influence Auditory Object And Event Recognition Over Time JHU Applied Physics Lab/Postdoc
99 2019 Jessica Ellis Medial frontal theta negativities (MFTN) as predictors of anxiety sensitivity treatment response Emmes Corporation/Clinical Trial Manager
98 2018 Clare Sengupta Characterization of Chronic Monocular Deprivation and Estrogen Administration in Adult Rodents Miltenyi Biotec/Field Application Scientist
97 2018 Rachel Adler Toward a psycholinguistic model of irony comprehension FINRA/Data Scientist
96 2018 Farzad Ehtemam  Neural control of speed in human walking  Ohio State University/Postdoc
95 2018 Ronny Gentry  Neural Mechanisms of Approach and Avoidance  Research Square/Quality Control Editor
94 2017 Srikanth Padmala Interactions between appetitive and aversive processing during perception and attention UMD/Assistant Research Scientist
93 2017 Jared Shamwell Neuro-Inspired Augmentations of Unsupervised Deep Neural Networks for Low-SWaP Embodied Robotic Perception ARL/Research Scientist
92 2017 Graham Marquart Construction and utilization of digital brain atlases in larval zebrafish Max Planck/Postdoc
91 2017 Amanda Burton The Long-Term Impact of Previous Cocaine Self-Administration on Decision-Making and Striatal Circuitry Ripple Effect Communications/Analyst
90 2017 Jessica Wess The role of frequency, timing, and level distortion on binaural processing in simulations of cochlear implant users with single-sided deafness Walter Reed/Scientific Consultant/Subcontractor
89 2017 Francisco Cervantes-Constantino Sensory and perceptual codes in cortical auditory processing Ingenious Softworks/Consultant
88 2017 Chris Heffner Language Science Meets Cognitive Science: Categorization and Adaptation University of Connecticut/Postdoc
87 2017 Sarah Blankenship Effects of early and concurrent parenting and child cortisol reactivity on hippocampal structure and functional connectivity during childhood: A prospective, longitudinal study Society for Research in Child Development/Postdoc
86 2016 Molly Hyer Neuroendocrine mechanisms underlying paternal experience-induced plasticity of the hippocampus Virginia Commonwealth University/Postdoc
85 2016 Aminah Sheikh Subplate neurons and their role in the functional maturation of the brain Children's National Medical Center/Postdoc
84 2016 Krystyna Solarana Development and plasticity of the functional laminar mesoscale organization of primary auditory cortex Food and Drug Administration/Postdoc
83 2016 Tao Jiang Conserved role of Emx2 in establishing polarity of sensory hair cells NIDCD, NIH/Postdoc
82 2016 Mark Saffer The impact of motor learning on motor behavior and cortical dynamics in a complex stressful social envirnonment Baltimore VA Hospital/Postdoc
81 2016 Kathryn Yoo Action and perception: Neural indices of learning in infants Autism Research Training Program at the MIND Institute at UC Davis/Postdoc
80 2016 Ying Tan The Influence of Motivation on Emotion Regulation and Motor Performance: Examination of a Neuro-Affective Model NYU/Postdoc
79 2016 Diego Elgueda Transformations of Task-Dependent Plasticity from A1 to Higher-Order Auditory Cortex UMD/Postdoc
78 2016 Matt Swierzbinski Physiological effects of alcohol on crayfish escape circuitry Potomac Institute for Policy Studies/Postdoc
77 2016 Alex Presacco Effects of aging on midbrain and cortical speech-in-noise processing University of California, Irvine/Postdoc
76 2016 Andrew Venezia Influence of acute and chronic exercise on markers of hippocampal plasticity University of Scranton/Asst. Professor
75 2016 Jeffrey Chrabaszcz Understanding information use in multi-attribute decision making Carnegie Mellon/Postdoc
74 2016 Amanda Chicoli Social and ecological factors influencing collective behavior in Giant Danio Carnegie Institute/Postdoc
73 2015 Hyuk Oh A multiple representations model of the human mirror neuron system for learned action imitation UMD/Postdoc
72 2015 Shikha Prashad The effects of sequence structure, age-related impairments, and Parkinson's disease on motor sequence learning UT Dallas/Postdoc
71 2015 Adam Jones Longitudinal Single-Unit Recording In The Macaque Face Patch System: Identity And Plasticity In The Anterior Fundus Face Patch University of Iowa/Postdoc
70 2015 Daniel Bryden Response inhibition and the cortico-striatal circuit UMD/Postdoc
69 2015 Benjamin Falk Adaptive flight and echolocation behavior in bats Johns Hopkins/Postdoc
68 2015 Yuwei Cui Hierarchial neural computation in the mammalian visual system Numenta Inc/Research Engineer
67 2015 Joanna Szczepanik Experimental measurement of behavioral approach motivation in major depressive disorder NIMH/Psychologist
66 2014 David Logan Subtask control in human locomotion Drexel/Postdoc
65 2014 Jong Moon Choi Interactions between aversive and appetitive processing in the human brain Korea University/Postdoc
64 2014 Yu Gu The regulation of critical period for ocular dominance plasticity Northwestern/Postdoc
63 2014 Sara Therrien In-air and underwater hearing in diving birds USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Cntr/Postdoc
62 2014 Mohit Chadha Somatosensory Signaling for Flight Control in the Echolocating Bat Eptesicus fuscus Vanderbilt University/Postdoc
61 2014 Susan Teubner-Rhodes The neural bases of the bilingual advantage in cognitive control: An investigation of conflict adaptation phenomena Medical University/Postdoc
60 2014 Katie Willis Anatomical and Physiological Characterization of the Turtle Brain Stem Auditory Circuit UMD/Postdoc
59 2014 Nuria AbdulSabur The neural mechanisms supporting structure and inter-brain connectivity in natural conversation  
58 2014 Alice Jackson Using a high-dimensional model of semantic space to predict neural activity Johns Hopkins/Postdoc
57 2013 Bartlett Russell The effect of mental stress on brain dynamics and performance related to attention control during a vigilance task: An electroencephalographic investigation Scitor Corp/Senior Scientist 
56 2013 Erika Hussey The Malleability of Cognitive Control and its Effects on Language Skills U of Illinois/Postdoc
55 2013 Alexia Nunez Parra Regulation of the Inhibitory Drive in the Olfactory Bulb U of Colorado/Postdoc
54 2013 Kim Drnec Encelphalography (EEG) and Measures of Nociception in Domestic Cattle (Bos taurus) UMD/Postdoc
53 2012 Anna Schlappal Efficacy of estrogen treatment in a murine model of Alzheimer's disease UMD/Postdoc
52 2012 Matt Miller A programmatic research approach to understanding the impact of team environment on cerebral cortical dynamics and attention Auburn University/Asst. Professor
51 2012 Hui Wang Circuit analysis of synaptic dysfunctions in the CA3 area of BACE1 knockout mice Johns Hopkins/Postdoc
50 2012 Junfeng Huang Multi-digit Circular Object Manipulation NETE/Principal Software Consultant
49 2012 Anusha Venkatakrishnan Understanding neuroplastic effects of transcranial direct current stimulation through analysis of dynamics of large-scale brain networks NIH/Results Analyst
48 2012 Ben Smith Comparing Small Graphs: How distance, orientation, and alignment affect the comparability of small multiple bar graphs CASL/Postdoc
47 2012 Melissa Pangelinan Brain Function Underlying Adaptive Sensorimotor Control in Children with and without Developmental Coordination Disorder  Rotman Research Institute/Postdoc
46 2012 Lale Evsen The role of Sox2 in inner ear development NIH/Postdoc
45 2011 Sarah Helfinstein Neural Correlates of Approach and Avoidance Learning in Behavioral Inhibition U of Texas/Postdoc
44 2011 Sharona Atkins Working memory: Assessment and Training UMD/Postdoc
43 2011 Jeremy Rietschel Psychophysiological investigation of attentional processes during motor learning Baltimore VA Hospital/Postdoc
42 2011 Michelle Costanzo Examination of the Brain Processes Underlying Emotion Regulation within a Stress Resilient Population NIH/Postdoc
41 2011 Greg Cogan Temporal dynamics of MEG phase information during speech perception: Segmentation and neural communication using mutual information and phase locking NYU/Postdoc
40 2010 Jin Liang Identification of the molecular mechanisms of zebrafish inner ear hair cell regeneration using high-throughput gene expression profiling Stanford/Postdoc
39 2010 Yuanfen Zhang Identifying Plant and Feedback in Human Postural Control St. Elizabeth's Hospital/Resident
38 2010 Beth Vernaleo Relative Salience of Envelope and Fine Structure Cues in Zebra Finch Song  
37 2010 Claudia Bonin Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of Electromagnetic Activity in the Brain Prior to Reaches to Visual Targets Self-Employed
36 2010 Serin Atiani Rapid Adaptive Plasticity in Auditory Cortex  
35 2009 Raymond Merritt Myosins IIIa and IIIb regulate stereocilia length by transporting espin 1 to the polymerizing end of actin filaments Gallaudet/Asst. Professor
34 2009 Philip Wang Molecular mechanisms of neuronal development NIH/Postdoc
33 2009 Xiaohong Deng Comparative studies on the structure of the ears of deep-sea fishes NIH/Postdoc
32 2009 Kaiwen He Ampa receptor and synaptic plasticity UMD/Postdoc
31 2008 Chen Chiu Adaptive echolocation and flight behaviors in free flying bats, Eptesicus fuscus UMD/Postdoc
30 2008 Xing Tian Testing a dynamic account of neural processing: Behavioral and elctrophysiological studies of semantic satiation UMD/Postdoc
29 2008 Chris Glaze Temporal Structure in Zebra Finch Song: Implications for the Motor Code and Learning Process UPenn/Postdoc
28 2008 Feng Rong Magnetoencephalography-based validation of a computational model NIH/Postdoc
27 2008 Ron Goodman Performance Under Pressure: examination of relevant neurobiological and genetic influence Baltimore VA Hospital/Postdoc
26 2008 Anubhuti Goel Cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying homeostatic synaptic plasticity UCLA/Postdoc
25 2007 Stacy Hobson Text Summarization Evaluation: Correlating Human Performance on an Extrinsic Task with Automatic Intrinsic Metrics  IBM/Research Staff Member
24 2007 Mardi Byerly Identification of Novel Mechanisms in the Hypothalamus linked to Adiposity Johns Hopkins/Postdoc
23 2007 David Boothe Natural Variation in biological and simulated central pattern  Northwestern/Postdoc
22 2007 Youjun Wang The pharmacology and dynamics of light induced Ca signal in Limulus ventral photoreceptors Temple University School of Medicine/Postdoc
21 2007 Bruce Swett The Neural Substrates of graphomotor sequence learning NIH/Postdoc
20 2007 Huan Luo Tracking sound dynamics in human auditory cortex: new macroscopic views from MEG evidences Chinese Academy of Science/Research Scientist
19 2007 Murat Aytekin Sound Localization for Bats UMD/Postdoc
18 2006 Kelvin Oie Characterizing sensory re-weighting for human postural control US Army Research Lab/Research Psychologist
17 2006 Monika Deshpande RNAi and morpholio as tools to study signaling in limulus ventral photoreceptors Boston University/Postdoc
16 2006 Kaushik Ghose Sonar beam direction and flight control in an echolocating bat UMD/Postdoc
15 2006 Maria Chait Auditory edge detection: The dynamics of the contruction of auditory perceptual representations UMD/Postdoc
14 2006 Jin Bo Continuous versus discontinuous drawing: possible cerebellar involvement in the development of temporal consistency University of Michigan/Postdoc
13 2005 Mary Howard The neural bases of lateralization effects in visual frequency processing: a computationa modeling investigation UMD/Postdoc
12 2005 Lewis Wheaton Role of human parietal and premotor cortical areas in complex hand movements Baltimore VA Hospital/Postdoc
11 2005 Kyle Vick Use of multiple cues for navigation by the Leaf-cutter Ant Atta cephalotes Shawnee State University/Asst. Professor
10 2005 Shiva Sinha Orienting gaze in freely behaving bats:  Functional and anatomical studies implicating the superior colliculus in sonar vocal production Indiana University/Postdoc
9 2005 Brenda Benson Cholinergic contributions to emotion regulation NIH/Psychologist
8 2004 Carol Whitney Investigations into the neural basis of structured representations UMCP/Research Scientist
7 2004 Virginie van Wassenhove Cortical dynamics of auditory-visual speech: a forward model of multisensory integration UCSF/Postdoc
6 2003 Beth Stevens Activity-dependent regulation of Schwann cell development by extracellular ATP Stanford/Postdoc
5 2003 Kaleb McDowell A dynamic view of movement planning US Army Research Lab/Research Scientist
4 2003 Anthony Boemio The perceptual representation of sound in time NIH/Postdoc
3 2002 Daphne Soares Diversity in the auditory brainstem of archosaurs Marine Biological Lab/Teaching Assistant 
2 2001 Suchitra Parameshwaran Expression of the Kv3-1 potassium channel in the avian auditory system Johns Hopkins/Postdoc
1 1999 Kenneth Revett A computational model of acute and sub-acute damage resulting from focal ischemia King's College London/Postdoc



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