The Dr. William Hodos NACS Seminar Series brings NACS faculty and students together on a weekly basis. The speakers are world-class neuroscientists and cognitive scientists who are working at the cutting edge of their discipline. Seminars are held on Fridays from 10:15-11:30am in room 1103 in the Bioscience Research Building. Titles will be posted as they become available. For additional information, please contact Claire Morse at NACS seminars are not recorded.


February 2: Dr. Jorge Valdés Kroff, National Science Foundation (Faculty Host: Dr. Jared Novick)
 Diversity in language science expands our understanding of human sentence processing

February 9: Dr. Hendrikje Nienborg, NIH/NEI (Faculty Host: Dr. Dan Butts)
 Perceptual decisions as action-perception loops in neural circuits

February 23: Dr. Leigh Sepeta, Children's National Hospital (Faculty Host: Dr. Tracy Riggins)
 Mapping Memory in Epilepsy: From the Lab to the Clinic

March 1: Dr. Chris Cowan, Medical University of South Carolina (Faculty Host: Dr. Anna Li)
Title: Transcriptional control of drug-cue associations in preclinical models of substance use disorders

March 8: Dr. Ross Maddox, University of Michigan (Faculty Host: Dr. Jonathan Simon)
Title: Investigating effects of stimulus type and selective attention on the subcortical encoding of sounds

March 15 and 22: No seminar (Spring Break)

March 29: Dr. Toby Merson, NIH/NIMH (Faculty Host: Dr. Matt Roesch)
Title: Modulation of remyelination efficiency following cuprizone-induced demyelination

April 5: Dr. Molly Henry, Toronto Metropolitan University (Faculty Hosts: Dr. Jonathan Simon and Dr. Bob Slevc)
Understanding neural entrainment using noninvasive brain stimulation

April 12: Dr. Wei Ji Ma, New York University (Faculty Host: Dr. Matt Roesch)
Title:  Growing up in Science

April 19: Dr. Jack Gallant, University of California, Berkeley (Host: Leslie Li)
Title: The distributed conceptual network in the human brain

May 3: CANCELLED Dr. Ross Williamson, University of Pittsburgh (Host: Rose Ying)
Title:  Brain-wide neural circuits for sensory-guided behavior


September 8: Dr. Jose Rodríguez-Romaguera, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Host: Rose Ying)
Title: Reverse-engineering physiological arousal and anxiety within extended amygdala circuits

September 22: Dr. Pablo Ripollés, New York University (Faculty Host: Dr. Bob Slevc)
Title: The Music of Cognitive Neuroscience

September 29: Dr. Charles Lynch, Weil Cornell Medicine (Faculty Host: Dr. Luiz Pessoa)
Title: Precision mapping of functional brain networks in individuals with depression

October 6: Dr. Emily Finn, Dartmouth College (Faculty Host: Dr. Arianna Gard)
Title: "Idiosynchrony": Using naturalistic stimuli to draw out individual differences in brain and behavior

October 13: Dr. Ajay Satpute, Northeastern University (Host: Ellen Roche) 
Title: Multiple solutions in functional neuroanatomy: A case study of fear

October 20: Dr. Edward Giniger, NIH/NINDS (Host: James Baldassano)
Title: Harnessing Maxwell’s demon: A new view of axon growth based on the stochastic dynamics of actin networks

October 27: Dr. Andrew Holmes, NIH/NIAAA (Faculty Host: Dr. Alex Shackman)
Title: Amygdala astrocytes gate the retrieval of fear memory

November 3: Dr. Yaoda Xu, Yale University (Faculty Host: Dr. Ellen Lau)
Title:  Understanding visual representations in human occipito-temporal and posterior parietal cortices and convolutional neural networks

November 17: Dr. Gwyneth Card, Columbia University (Faculty Host: Dr. Jens Herberholz)
Title: What the fly’s eye tells the fly’s brain…and beyond: A journey through the Fly Connectome

December 1: CANCELLED Dr. Ralf Haefner, University of Rochester (Faculty Host: Dr. Dan Butts)
Title: Behavioral and neural signatures of approximate hierarchical inference

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