NACS Research Day is a special event designed to bring the NACS community together to celebrate the outstanding research activities that take place in our interdisciplinary program. It is held in the spring semester.

NACS Research Day 2024 was held on Friday, April 26 in 1103 Bioscience Research Building. Below is the list of the NACS student research talks. The complete NACS-Fest program can be found here

NACS Research Day 2025 will be held on Friday, April 25.

Zeynep Atak (advisors Tarik Haydar and Colenso Speer)
Disrupted Neurogenesis from Basal Intermediate Precursor Cells Leads to Altered Development of the Postnatal Neocortex in the TcMAC21 Humanized Mouse Model of Down Syndrome

Yash Kommula (advisor Carson Smith)
Acute Aerobic Exercise and Mental-Health-Related Brain Function

Anna Packy (advisor Rodolphe Gentili)
Cortical Correlates of Collaborative Human-Robot Team Environments

Xinchi Yu (advisor Ellen Lau)
Representing Objects and Structures in Human Working



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