NACS Seminars

The NACS Seminar Series brings NACS faculty and students together on a weekly basis.  The speakers are world-class neuroscientists and cognitive scientists who are working at the cutting edge of their discipline. Seminars are held on Fridays from 10:15-11: 30 am in room 1103 in the Bioscience Research Building.  For additional information, please contact Pam Komarek at


September 7Dr. Catherine Weisz, National Institute of  Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, NIH. (Faculty Host: Dr. Catherine Carr)
Title: Inhibition of Medial Olivocochlear Neurons 

September 14Dr. Craig StarkUniversity of California in Irvine. (Faculty Host: Dr. Tracy Riggins)
Title: Using neuroimaging to explore pattern separation and the aging hippocampus

September 21Dr. Gregg Recanzone, University of California in Davis. (Faculty Host: Dr. Jonathan Simon)
Title: Listening with an aging brain 

September 28Dr. Laurel Trainor, McMaster University. (Host: Mattson Ogg)
Title: Music that Moves Us: Rhythm, Prediction, Brain Oscillations and Social Development

October 5: CANCELED: Dr. Amit Etkin

October 12Dr. Lisa Stowers, Scripps Research Institute. (Faculty Host: Dr. Scott Juntti)
Title: Leveraging olfaction to study innate behavior in the mouse

October 19Dr. Paul Katz,  University of Massachusetts in Amherst.  (Faculty Host: Dr. Jens Herberholz)
Title: Phylogenetic and individual variability of neural circuits underlying swimming behaviors in sea slugs

October 26: Dr. Arthur Wingfield, Brandeis University. (Faculty Host: Dr. Stefanie Kuchinsky)
Title: Stability in the Face of Change: Cognitive Supports and Cognitive Constraints in speech Comprehension by older adults with age-related hearing loss

November 9: Dr. Scott Juntti, University of Maryland, College Park (Faculty Host: Dr. Josh Singer)
Title: Using molecular genetics to uncover the roots of social behaviors in cichlid fish

November 16: Dr. Nobuyuki Ishibashi, Children's National Health System. (Faculty Host: Dr. Josh Singer)
Title: Optimizing Neurodevelopmental Outcomes in Children with Congenital Heart Disease

November 30Dr. Samer Hattar, National Institute of Mental Health, NIH. (Faculty Host: Dr. Jens Herberholz).
Title: Retinal and brain circuits underlying the effects of light on circadian rhythms, learning and mood

December 7Dr. Charles Schroeder, Nathan S Kline Institute. (Faculty Host: Dr. Ricardo Araneda)
Title: The neural mechanics of active sensing in the real world.



February 1Dr. Janet Werker,  University of British Columbia. (Faculty Host: Dr. Jan Edwards)
Title: TBA

February 8: Dr. Anne Churchland, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. (Faculty Host: Dr. Jonathan Fritz)  

February 22Dr. Benjamin Greenwood, University of Colorado in Denver. (Host:  Lauren Weiss)
Title: TBA

March 1Dr. Alex Chesler, National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, NIH. (Faculty Host: Dr. Ricardo Araneda)
Title: TBA

March 8Dr. Dayu Lin, NYU Langone Medical Center. (Faculty Host: Dr. Scott Juntti)
Title: Neural circuits of aggression

March 29: Dr. Kareem Zaghloul, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, NIH. (Faculty Host: Dr. Josh Singer)
Title: TBA

April 5Dr. Judy Kroll, University of  California in Riverside. (Faculty Host: Dr. Jared Novick)
Title: The fate of the native language in second language learning: A new hypothesis about bilingualism, mind, and brain

April 12: Dr. Andrea Halpern, Bucknell University. (Faculty Host: Dr. Jonathan Fritz)
Title: TBA

April 19Dr. Margaret Livingstone, Harvard University. (Faculty Host: Dr. Jonathan Fritz)
Title: The development of specialized modules for recognizing faces, scenes, text, and bodies: what you see is what you get.

May 3: Dr. Michael Dickinson, California Institute of Technology. (Faculty Host: Dr. Jens Herberholz)
Title: Straighten up and fly right: Insect flight control from neurons to ecosystems