NACS Seminars

The NACS Seminar Series brings NACS faculty and students together on a weekly basis.  The speakers are world class neuroscientists and cognitive scientists who are working at the cutting edge of their discipline. Seminars are held on Fridays from 10:15-11:30am in room 1103 in the Bioscience Research Building.  For additional information, please contact Blaze Buck at


January 27: Dr. Sheila Blumstein, Brown University. (Faculty Host: Dr. Jared Novick)
Variability and Invariance in Speech and Lexical Processing: Evidence from Aphasia and Functional Neuroimaging

February 3: Dr. James Cavanagh, University of New Mexico. (Faculty Host: Dr. Nathan Fox)
The current future of human electrophysiology: From circuit motifs to patient diagnostics

February 10: Dr. Julian Meeks, University of Texas, Southwestern. (Faculty Host: Dr. Ricardo Araneda)
The influences of chemosensory signaling on “mission-critical” mammalian behavior

February 24: Dr. Lisa Scott, University of Florida. (Faculty Host: Dr. Tracy Riggins)
How Learning During Infancy Enhances and Constrains Brain and Behavioral Development Across Domains and into Childhood

March 3: Dr. Greg Field, Duke University. (Faculty Host: Dr. Joshua Singer)
Computation and circuitry in the mammalian retina

March 10: Dr. Yale Cohen, University of Pennsylvania. (Hosts: Dr. Robert Slevc, Dr. Jonathan Fritz, and Mattson Ogg)
Mechanisms underlying auditory perception and decision-making

March 31: Dr. Zubair Ahmed, University of Maryland School of Medicine. (Faculty Host: Dr. Jens Herberholz)
Calcium and Integrin binding protein 2 (CIB2) is essential for hearing and vision

April 7: Dr. Katie Drerup, NIH/NICHD. (Faculty Host: Dr. Jens Herberholz)
Regulation of retrograde mitochondrial transport in axons

April 14: Dr. David Brainard, University of Pennsylvania. (Hosts: Dr. Elizabeth Quinlan and Jawshan Ara)
Color and material perception in the service of naturalistic tasks

April 21: Dr. Todd Braver, Washington University, St. Louis. (Faculty Host: Dr. Jared Novick)
Cognitive control and reward-based decision-making


September 16: Dr. Petr Janata, University of California, Davis Center for Mind and Brain. (Faculty Host: Dr. Bob Slevc)
Music on the Mind: From Models to Memories

September 23: Dr. Tonia Hsieh, Temple University. (Faculty Hosts: Dr. Avis Cohen and Dr. Tim Kiemel)
Compensatory strategies to combat perturbations in the complex, natural world

September 30: Dr. Joe Kable, University of Pennsylvania. (Faculty Host: Dr. Jared Novick)
Cognitive and neural mechanisms of persistence

October 7: Dr. Harvey Karten, University of California, San Diego. (Faculty Hosts: Dr. William Hodos and Dr. Greg Ball)
Evolutionary Connectomics and the Origins of the Neocortex

October 14: Dr. Kerry Ressler, Harvard University. (Faculty Host: Dr. Alexander Shackman)
Genetic and neurobiological approaches to fear and PTSD

October 21: Dr. Kuan Hong Wang, NIH/NIMH. (Faculty Host: Dr. Erica Glasper)
Activity-dependent genetic feedback in brain circuits and disorders

October 28: Dr. Murray Sherman, The University of Chicago. (Faculty Host: Dr. Jonathan Fritz)
A View of Cortex from the Thalamus

November 4: Dr. Josh McDermott, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (Hosts: Dr. Bob Slevc and Mattson Ogg)
Computational Neuroimaging of Human Auditory Cortex

November 18: Dr. Andrew Griffith, NIH/NIDCD. (Faculty Host: Dr. Jens Herberholz)
Salt, Water and the Developing Inner Ear: Unraveling a Common Genetic Cause of Childhood Hearing Loss