The NACS Seminar Series brings NACS faculty and students together on a weekly basis.  The speakers are world-class neuroscientists and cognitive scientists who are working at the cutting edge of their discipline. Seminars are held on Fridays from 10:15-11:30am in room 1103 in the Bioscience Research Building. Titles will be posted as they become available. For additional information, please contact Cathy Holm at  NACS seminars are not recorded.



September 10: Dr. Amy Orsborn, University of Washington (Faculty Host: Dr. Melissa Caras)
Title: Shaping and optimizing learning in brain-machine interfaces 

September 17: Dr. Bob Knight, University of California, Berkeley (Faculty Host: Dr. Luiz Pessoa) 
Title:  Insights into Human Cognition from Intracranial Recording 
This seminar will be held via Zoom.

September 24: Dr. Ariel James, Macalester College (Faculty Host: Dr. Yi Ting Huang)
Title: Capturing and explaining individual differences in language processing: Triumphs and Challenges

October 8: Dr. Marlen Gonzalez, Cornell University (Host: Junaid Merchant) 
Title:  The Child is the Father of The Man

October 15 : Dr. Diana Tamir, Princeton University (Host: Junaid Merchant)
Title: Making predictions in the social world 

This seminar will be held via Zoom.

October 22: Dr. Mark Histed, NIH/NIMH (Faculty Host: Dr. Dan Butts) 
Title: Toward rules of network computation in cortical circuits

October 29: Dr. Andrew Miri, Northwestern University (Host: Nina Friedman)
Title:  Population Interactions in the Motor System

November 5: Dr. Deanna Barch, Washington University in St. Louis (Faculty Host: Dr. Arianna Gard)
Title:  The Enduring Relationship of Early Life Poverty and the Development of Brain Structure and Function

November 19: Dr. Nathaniel Harnett, Harvard Medical School (Faculty Host: Dr. Arianna Gard)
Title:  The neurobiological impact of trauma and mechanisms of PTSD susceptibility

December 3: Dr. Nathan Anthony Smith, Children's National Hospital (Host: Uzma Javed)
Title:  Calcium-independent astrocytic lipid release modulates neuronal excitability



February 4: Dr. Susan Perlman, Washington University in St. Louis (Faculty Host: Dr. Lea Dougherty)
 Neuroscientific Evaluation of Risk in Early Childhood Psychopathology: Integrating Proximal and Distal Factors
This seminar will be held via Zoom.

February 18: Dr. Elaine Hsiao, University of California, Los Angeles (Faculty Host: Dr. Jens Herberholz)
 The Microbiome as a Modifier of Environmental Risk for Cognitive Impairment
This seminar will be held at 12:15pm via Zoom - Please note time change.

February 25: Dr. Dean Mobbs, Caltech (Faculty Host: Dr. Alex Shackman)
Title:  Space, Time and Fear: Survival Decisions along Defensive Circuits

This seminar will be held via Zoom.​​​

March 4: Dr. Jessica Hay, University of Tennessee, Knoxville (Faculty Host: Dr. Rochelle Newman)
Title:  The Changing Role of Infant Statistical Learning Across the First Two Years 

March 11: Dr. Mark Sheffield, University of Chicago (Faculty Host: Dr. Josh Singer)
Title: How reward expectation influences memory representations in the hippocampus

March 18 and 25: No seminar (Spring Break)

April 1: Dr. Arielle Borovsky, Purdue University (Faculty Host: Dr. Yi Ting Huang)
Title: What can we learn from our first 500 (or so) words?  Insights into early language skills from semantic network modeling

This seminar will be held via Zoom.

April 8: Dr. Nathaniel Daw, Princeton University (Faculty Host: Dr. Alec Solway)
Title: Thinking the right thoughts

May 6: Dr. Gül Dölen, Johns Hopkins University (Faculty Host: Dr. Scott Juntti)
Title:  What octopuses and psychedelics teach us about the social brain  
This seminar will be held via Zoom.


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