NACS Student Seminars

NACS Student Seminars are open to all NACS students. Our Spring 2018 Student Seminars will take place in the Bioscience Research Building Room 3101 from 1-2 PM on Wednesdays, unless otherwise noted.

Spring 2018 Seminars

January 31
Speaker: Jawshan Ara
Title: Effect of visual experience on retinal function

February 14
Speaker: Mattson Ogg
Title: TBA

February 28
Speaker: Amritha Mallikarjun
Title: TBA

March 14
Speaker: Matt Coon
Title: Sexual dimorphisms in adolescent maturation of the forebrain dopaminergic circuit

March 28
Speaker: Adam Fishbein
Title: Use of transition and abstract rules by budgerigars in auditory pattern processing

April 11
Speaker: Benjamin Rickles
Title: Probing the semantic associations among recently encountered novel words

April 25
Speaker: Lauren Weiss
Title: Effects of exercise cessation on large-scale brain networks in master athletes

May 9
Speaker: Andrew Borrell
Title: Neural inhibition and plasticity in the visual cortex