NACS Student Seminars

NACS Student Seminars are open to all NACS students. Our Fall 2017 Student Seminars will take place in the Bioscience Research Building Room 3101 from 12-1 PM on Tuesdays, unless otherwise noted.

Fall 2017 Seminars

September 5 (Seminar will be in Biology Psychology Building Room 1140A)
Speaker: Diana Alkire
Title: Social Interaction Recruits Mentalizing and Reward Systems in Middle Childhood

September 19
Speaker: Kevin Schneider
Title: Noradrenergic Modulation of Olfactory Bulb Mitral Cells

October 3
Speaker: Isabelle Shuggi
Title: Human-Robot Team Dynamics During Performance of a Reaching Task

October 17
Speaker: Benjamin Rickles
Title: How do readers access and combine single word meanings to form higher-level semantic structures?

October 31
Speaker: Srikanth Padmala
Title: Interactions between appetitive and aversive processing during perception and attention

November 7
Speaker: Rui Hu
Title: Love and Other Drugs in the Murine Olfactory Bulbs

November 21
Speaker: Hetal Shah
Title: Mitochondria: The Powerhouse of the Cell

December 5
Speaker: Dustin Moraczewski
Title: The relationship between cortical temporal hierarchy and social-cognitive comprehension in middle childhood