NACS Student Seminars for Spring 2020 will be held on the following Thursdays at Noon, location 3101 BRB.  NACS Student Seminars are open to all NACS students.

Check back soon for updates for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021!

Spring 2020 Seminars

February 6
Presenters:  Nicole Catanzarite and Heather Pribut
Title: NACS-Fest presentations

March 5
Presenter: Junaid Merchant
Title: Examining the neural representations underlying social interaction and mentalizing

March 12
Presenter: QE Panel
Title:  QE

April 9 ***Canceled

April 23 ***Canceled

May 7 ***Canceled


Fall 2019 Seminars

September 5
Heather Pribut and Kevin Schneider
Title:  First Year Project (FYRP) Panel

September 19
Rui Hu
Title: Regulation of Inhibition in Olfaction.

October 3
Felix Bartsch
Title: The gray area of color vision: identifying color representation in V1 through computational models

October 17
Jackie Minehart, Heather Pribut, and Kevin Schneider
SfN Poster Practice Session

October 31
Kathryn McNaughton
Title: Individual Differences in Interpersonal Synchrony

November 7
James Baldassano
Title:  Do Kv1 Channels Drive Encoding of Temporal Modulation in the Cochlear Nucleus?

December 5
Ben Rickles
Title:  The contextual crypt: exploring the lexical graveyard.

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