NACS Student Seminars

NACS Student Seminars are open to all NACS students. Seminars for Fall 2018 will be announced this summer. Below is information on the Spring 2018 seminars. 

Spring 2018 Seminars

January 31
Speaker: Jawshan Ara
Title: Effect of visual experience on retinal function

February 14
Speaker: Mattson Ogg
Title: Examining the Neural Representations of Auditory Objects: Speaker Identity and Musical Instrument Timbre

February 28
Speaker: Amritha Mallikarjun
Title:  What Dogs Can Teach Us About Speech Perception

March 14
Speaker: Matt Coon
Title: Sexual dimorphisms in adolescent maturation of the forebrain dopaminergic circuit

March 28
Speaker: Adam Fishbein
Title: Use of transition and abstract rules by budgerigars in auditory pattern processing

April 11
Speaker: Benjamin Rickles
Title: Probing the semantic associations among recently encountered novel words

April 25
Speaker: Lauren Weiss
Title: Effects of exercise cessation on large-scale brain networks in master athletes

May 9
Speaker: Andrew Borrell
Title: Neural inhibition and plasticity in the visual cortex