From genetics to language, research within the Neuroscience and Cognitive Science (NACS) program investigates the nervous system at multiple scales. As computational power increases in the age of big data and interdisciplinary research, it is more important than ever to develop the skills to communicate with neuroscientists across fields. The Student Methods Seminars promote this communication within the student body. During each seminar, a NACS student gives an overview and facilitates a discussion about one specific method. While these seminars are aimed at an audience of neuroscientists, we do not assume familiarity with the method. The presentation typically focuses on the motivation, historical background, types of research questions that can be addressed, practical implementation, data analysis, interpretation, and the limitations of the given method.

The schedule of Student Methods Seminars for Spring 2020 is listed below.  Unless otherwise noted, seminars will take place at 4:00pm in room 1140B Biology-Psychology Building.

Spring 2020 Seminars:

February 7
Presenter: Jon Schenk
Method: Functional 3D Printing

February 28
Presenter: Jackie Minehart
Method: STORM Imaging

March 6
Presenter: Tawen Ho
Method: Electrophysiology 101

March 27
Presenter: Dr. Jeremy Purcell
Method: Optimizing fMRI Experimental Designs using easy-optimize-x

April 17   ***Conducted online
Presenter: Dr. Jeremy Purcell
Method:  Drawing brain regions in MRIcron

April 24  ***Conducted online
Presenter: Junaid Merchant
Method:  fMRIprep for preprocessing fMRI data


Fall 2019 Seminars:

October 4
Presenter: Kelly Morrow
Method:  Data visualization using R and ggplot

November 1
Presenter: Jawshan Ara
Method: ERG + Behavior; Methods for studying color vision

November 8
Presenter: Daniel Callow
Method: DTI (tract based, tractography, and ROI analysis methods for both gray and white matter

November 15
Presenter:  Junaid Merchant
Method:  Introduction to Brainhacking

December 6
Presenter: James Baldassano
Method: Clamping - Voltage, Current, and Dynamic

Information coming soon on the schedule for Spring 2020.

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