From genetics to language, research within the Neuroscience and Cognitive Science (NACS) program investigates the nervous system at multiple scales. As computational power increases in the age of big data and interdisciplinary research, it is more important than ever to develop the skills to communicate with neuroscientists across fields. The Student Methods Seminars promote this communication within the student body. During each seminar, a NACS student gives an overview and facilitates a discussion about one specific method. While these seminars are aimed at an audience of neuroscientists, we do not assume familiarity with the method. The presentation typically focuses on the motivation, historical background, types of research questions that can be addressed, practical implementation, data analysis, interpretation, and the limitations of the given method.

The schedule of Student Methods Seminars for Fall 2020 is listed below.  Seminars will be conducted virtually for the fall semester. 

Please check back for more updates.

October 2
Presenter: Kathryn McNaughton
Method: Behavioral synchrony methods

October 16
Presenter: Lauren Salig
Method: pcIBEX 
(for remote behavioral data collection; basic introduction)

October 30
Presenter: Kevin Schneider
Observational learning (animals)

December 4
Presenter: Dr. Jeremy Purcell
Method: Matlab BIDS tutorial

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