Event Date and Time
1140 Biology-Psychology Building

Precision mapping of functional brain networks in individuals with depression

Precision functional mapping is the emerging practice of delineating functional brain areas or networks and studying brain-behavior relationships within individuals, as opposed to at the group-level, typically using a large amount of fMRI data per-subject acquired longitudinally. In this talk, I will describe two ways we have used this approach in individuals with depression. First, we have developed and validated strategies for defining and selectively engaging particular functional networks as potential therapeutic targets in individuals using transcranial magnetic stimulation. Second, we have investigated how fluctuations in depressive symptoms within individuals over time relate to changes in individual-specific functional network organization and connectivity using a dense-sampling approach – serial (weekly) fMRI scans and clinical assessments over an extended period of time. I will emphasize the potential utility of deeper characterizations of functional neuroanatomy and behavior in individuals as an alternative to studying population-level central tendencies.

Dr. Charles Lynch is an Assistant Professor at Weill Cornell Medicine.


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Picture of Dr. Lynch