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1103 Biosciences Research Building (BRB)

Title: The role of neural precursor heterogeneity in development of the cerebral cortex

Dr. Tarik Haydar studies development and function of the cerebral cortex. His lab uses cellular and molecular approaches to study how neural precursors generate the necessary neurons and glia during development and how their allocation leads to proper circuit formation. With a variety of animal models and postmortem human samples, the Haydar lab uses single cell and single nucleus RNA sequencing to uncover specific markers and gene pathways used by cell types in the developing brain. In vivo probes for these cell types are then constructed and delivered via fetal surgeries to specifically label and mechanistically study the role of these cells using genetic fate mapping, imaging and electrophysiological techniques. In addition, the Haydar lab investigates the alterations in brain development that are found in Down syndrome to investigate the underpinnings of intellectual disability in people with Down syndrome. 


Dr. Tarik Haydar is the Director of the Center for Neuroscience Research at Children's National Hospital


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Dr. Haydar