Event Date and Time
0211 Cole Student Activities Building

Have you ever wondered how simpler it would be if you were just clicks away from creating tailored bioskteches ? Learn how to use SciENcv (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sciencv/) to develop your NIH (and NSF, faculty job application, and more soon) biosketch.

Before the workshop, you can initiate your sciENcv account either using your eRA Commons credentials, also used to submit an NIH grant/fellowship (if you don;t have an account yet, you can register here) or using your Gmail account.

For the workshop, bring your laptop and a recently updated CV to start developing your sciENcv profile. We will discuss personal statement and contributions to science, which are essential sections of the NIH biosketch.

This workshop is open to all NACS students.