Matthew Goupell

Associate Professor

In my research field of interest, psychological acoustics, I am involved in several disciplines including physics, electrical engineering, neurophysiology, and psychology. My appreciation for interdisciplinary thinking began during my undergraduate studies at Hope College, one of the best schools for undergraduate research in the nation. My training in physics and electrical engineering has become very useful in my field as I can easily perform necessary digital signal processing and design experimental software to perform interesting psychoacoustical experiments that probes how the brain processes sounds. 

Personal Website:
  • PhD Physics, Michigan State University, 2005

My current research focuses on how people with cochlear implants (CIs) process sounds and understand speech. Specifically, I am interested in:

  1. Sound localization and binaural speech unmasking with adult bilateral CI users
  2. How aging affects temporal processing and speech understanding in older CI users
  3. How language and cognition affects understanding speech with a CI. 
Current Students
0119E LeFrak Hall
Neuroscience and Cognitive Science
Phone: (301) 405-8552