In my research field of interest, psychological acoustics, I am involved in several disciplines including physics, electrical engineering, neurophysiology, and psychology.  All of these disciplines are brought together to understand how the brain processes sounds, both acoustically through the typical sound transduction process and electrically by directly exciting neurons with a cochlear implant. 

Cochlear implants are bionic sensory prostheses that partially restore the sensation of sound. They provide crude representations of sound and people can understand speech with them, often very well. 


  • PhD
    Physics, Michigan State University, 2005

My current research focuses on how the brains of people with cochlear implants (CIs) process sounds and understand speech. Specifically, I am interested in:

  1. Sound localization and binaural speech unmasking with bilateral CI users
  2. How aging affects temporal processing and speech understanding in older CI users
  3. Aligning the two ears in CI users to optimize binaural hearing and speech understanding
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Auditory Neuroscience
Neural Modeling

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