Dr. Nobuyuki Ishibashi is a Principal Investigator at the Center for Neuroscience Research and a Director of the Cardiac Surgery Research Laboratory at Children’s National Heart Institute with particular expertise in developmental neuroscience and pediatric cardiac surgery. He holds an appointment as Foglia-Hills Professor of Pediatric Cardiac Research at Children’s National Health System (CNHS). Previously Dr. Ishibashi completed clinical training in Surgery, Cardiovascular Surgery, and Pediatric Cardiac Surgery at Tokyo Women’s Medical University with Japanese Board of Surgery in 2002 and Japanese Board of Cardiovascular Surgery in 2005. He also completed his research training in the Center for Neuroscience Research at CNHS in 2009.


  • M.D.

My research activities focus on studying how congenital heart disease and subsequent cardiac surgery affect the rapidly developing brain. I have successfully utilized sophisticated and cutting-edge neuroscience approaches in clinically relevant experimental models of injury. My team has recently demonstrated the relationship between the subventricular zone and cortical growth in congenital heart disease using preclinical piglet model and human tissues. As a clinician scientist the long-term goal of my research program is to optimize treatment strategy and develop new approaches that will reduce neurodevelopmental impairment in children with congenital heart disease.

Research Methods
Juvenile porcine model
Murine model
Human iPS cells
Research Interests
White matter injury
Progenitor cells
Congenital heart disease
Dr. Nobuyuki Ishibashi
Children's National Hospital, 111 Michigan Avenue NW, M7644, Washington, DC 20010
Neuroscience and Cognitive Science
nishibas [at] childrensnational.org