Jared M. Novick is an associate professor in the Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences. His research focuses on the behavioral and neurobiological interplay among language, memory, and cognitive control. In particular, his work seeks to understand the human computational systems that support the real-time interpretation and re-interpretation of sentences. He addresses this issue by using (i) eye-tracking techniques to record readers' and listeners' moment-to-moment processing decisions; (ii) neuroimaging methods to test for common brain bases of linguistic and nonlinguistic performance; and (iii) lesion-deficit analyses of neurological patients' language and cognitive abilities. 

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  • PhD
    Cognitive Psychology, University of Pennsylvania

Intro to Psycholinguistics (HESP 300)

Seminar in Language Processing (HESP 818C)

The Research Behind Headlines on Words, Thought, and Behavior (HNUH 278A; HESP 214)

HESP Honors Professional Development Seminar (HESP 468)

Research Methods
Research Interests
Cognitive Control
Language Processing
Eye Movements
Individual Differences
  • Campus
  • Campus
    Co-Director of HESP Honors Program

Current Students

Former Students

  • Student Name
    Erika Hussey
    Current Position
    Cognitive Scientist, Army Research and Engineering, Tufts University
  • Student Name
    Susan Teubner-Rhodes
    Current Position
    Asst. Professor, Auburn University
  • Student Name
    Rachel Adler
    Current Position
    Data Scientist, Bloomberg
  • Student Name
    Zoe Ovans
    Current Position
    Post-doc, University of Pennsylvania
  • Student Name
    Zach Maher
    Current Position
    NSF SBE Post-doc, Penn State
Jared Novick
Hearing and Speech Sciences, Lefrak 0125
Neuroscience and Cognitive Science
jnovick1 [at] umd.edu