Mike Sidorov joined the Center for Neuroscience Research at Children's National Research Institute as a Principal Investigator in 2019. His academic appointment is as an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Pharmacology and Physiology at George Washington University. Dr. Sidorov received his Ph.D. in neuroscience at MIT, where he studied mechanisms of plasticity in Fragile X syndrome. He did postdoctoral training at UNC-Chapel Hill, where he studied neural circuits and biomarkers in Angelman syndrome.


We are a neuroscience lab that studies how brain circuits are shaped by experience and how these circuits are disrupted in neurodevelopmental disorders. We seek to advance basic knowledge and to improve the lives of individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders through a collaborative program of basic and translational research.  Please visit our website to learn more about current projects: http://sidorovlab.org/

Research Methods
Calcium Imaging
Human EEG
Research Interests
Neural circuits
Synaptic plasticity
Angelman syndrome
Michael Sidorov, Ph.D.
Children's National Hospital, 111 Michigan Avenue NW, M7635, Washington, DC 20010-2970
Neuroscience and Cognitive Science
msidorov [at] childrensnational.org