B.S. - Xavier University 2001
Ph.D. - Indiana University School of Medicine 2006 (Advisor: Fredrick M. Pavalko)
Postdoctoral Fellow - University of California, Santa Cruz 2006-2011 (Advisor: David A. Feldheim)

Our lab studies the genetic and activity-dependent cues that direct proper wiring in the brain. During development, billions of neurons need to make trillions of synapses in a precise manner to mediate proper sensory perception, behaviors and cognitive processes. Specifically, we focus on wiring in sensory systems, where neurons are organized into topographic maps of space, such that neighboring neurons monitor adjacent regions of the outside world. In associative centers, maps of different sensory modalities must be brought into register to allow for proper integration. To understand the cellular processes involved in this precise wiring, we utilize anatomical tracing methods, electrophysiology and molecular techniques in transgenic mouse models.

Research Methods
Axon Tracing
Research Interests
Neural Development
Axon Guidance
Sensory Integration

Current Students

Dr. Jason Triplett
Children's National Hospital, 111 Michigan Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20010
Neuroscience and Cognitive Science
jtriplett [at] childrensnational.org