Types of grants for junior and senior investigators:

K- Career Development Awards:  K awards provide support and protected time to faculty. Every K has its own purpose and eligibility criteria. 

R- Research Grants: R grants come in various amount of support (funding size and period) and purpose.  

  • Standard Due Dates for typical research grants:
  • R01: February 5, June 5, October 5
  • R21 and R03: February 16, June 16, October 16

T- Training Grants: T are meant to provide institutional research training opportunities (including international) to trainees at the undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral levels; depending on the mechanisms, the grants support year-long or short-term training.

U- Research Grant - Cooperative Agreement: U grants are like research grants with a more substantial programmatic involvement anticipated between the awarding Institute and the grant recipient

Current Funding Opportunities:

1. NIH Request For Application or Funding Opportunities with only one submission left (PAs & PARs about to expire). 

2. NIH PAs and PARs (with multiple upcoming submissions)

3. Alzheimer's Disease Related Funding Opportunities



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