I am a second year NACS student. Before UMD, I completed a two year post-bacc in the lab of Dr. Andrew Holmes at the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism at the NIH. There, I studied endocannabinoid signaling in fear extinction using in vivo fiber photometry. Afterwards, I joined the lab of Dr. Shaolin Liu at Howard University College of Medicine for one year and worked on delineating neural circuitry in the olfactory system. My current graduate work in lab of Dr. Betsy Quinlan focuses on neural coupling and experience dependent plasticity using in vivo electrophysiology in the adult mouse primary visual cortex. Aside from research, I enjoy running, reading, watching old movies and playing with my dog.


  • BA
    Middlebury College
BRB 1217
Neuroscience and Cognitive Science
lauracas [at] umd.edu