I am a first year graduate student working at the NIMH with Dr. Mark Histed to investigate how perception is encoded within the neocortex. Before coming to the University of Maryland, I studied neuroscience at Colorado College for my bachelor's degree, later joining Dr. Chris Moore's lab at Brown University as a research assistant. At Brown, I worked with https://www.bioluminescencehub.org/, developing tools that use bioluminescent light to drive and report cell activity.

Former citizen science blogger: blog.scistarter.org/2019/03/fighting-alzheimers-disease-during-the-megathon-spotlight-on-three-citizen-scientists/

I love open science and science education.

Feel free to reach out at ninaf@umd.edu.


  • B.A.
    Colorado College
Nina Friedman
Porter Neuroscience Building, 35-3A203
Neuroscience and Cognitive Science
ninaf [at] umd.edu