The student-mentor relationship is foundational to PhD programs, and they are informed by the unique training needs of students and available resources of mentors. Since there is no single model of successful relationships, it is important to get a sense of mutual expectations and likely fit. Here are questions that may be useful for guiding this process.

Do you consider yourself more of a hands-on or hands-off advisor?
How often do you meet with your students? 
How do you keep your students motivated when they are working through challenges?  If you had to choose a motto for your lab, what would it be?
Do you tend to give your students projects or have them select their own?
How are your students primarily funded (teaching assistantships, research assistantships, fellowships)?
How long does a graduate student in your lab usually take to complete the PhD?
Will I be directly trained by you or other members in the lab? How will I learn new skills?
How many graduate students are you currently advising? What is the gender distribution?
Is there a former student that I can talk to about working with you? 
What do you expect from your students? What can I expect from you? 
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