Admissions Process

Faculty Mentor
Only applicants who faculty members have expressed interest in will be considered for admission. Applicants who are admitted into the NACS program will have a faculty mentor assigned to them. Applicants who submitted an application may consider contacting selected faculty they would like to work with.

Evaluation of applications and acceptance decisions are the responsibility of the NACS Admissions Committee.

The primary consideration must be to accept those applicants with the highest promise of success both in the NACS program and in their scientific careers. Applicants should show excellence in coursework and have research experience appropriate to their research interest.

Applicants who are found acceptable by the NACS Admissions Committee will be contacted for an interview and may be invited to our recruitment event, called NACS-Fest, which is typically held on a Thursday and Friday in the middle of February.

Notification of admission decisions is typically emailed to the applicants in early March.

GRE Scores
The NACS program does not have requirements for GRE scores. The average GRE scores for incoming NACS students over the last few years appear below:
GRE verbal: 158
GRE quantitative: 159
GRE analytical writing: 4.5

The Graduate School requires a 3.0 GPA for admission. The average GPA for incoming NACS students over the last few years is 3.5.

International Students
The Graduate School's English language proficiency requirements are available here, including a list of the countries exempted from the TOEFL, IELTS, and PTE.