NACS600 Ethics in Scientific Research (offered every other spring semester)

Issues of scientific integrity with emphasis on investigators in the laboratory sciences, including mentoring, scientific record keeping, authorship and peer review, ownership of data, use of animals and humans in research, and conflict of interest.

NACS608 Neuroscience and Cognitive Science Seminar (offered every semester)

Special seminar topics in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science.

NACS640 Foundational Readings (offered every fall semester; for first-year NACS students only)

An introduction to the breadth of research in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science. Faculty will present papers to provide historical context and introduction to important issues in the fields of their research.

NACS641 Introduction to Neuroscience (offered every fall semester)

Detailed examination of neurophysiology and sensorimotor systems.

NACS642 Cognitive Neuroscience (offered every spring semester)

A study of the fundamental concepts and techniques of cognitive neuroscience. Hands-on experience with three critically different cognitive neuroscience methods: EEG, MEG, and fMRI.

NACS643 Computational Neuroscience (offered every fall semester)

Provides a mathematical foundation in computational neuroscience.

 NACS644 Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience (offered every spring semester)

Overview of insights into the molecular mechanisms underlying the structure and function of the nervous system.

NACS645 Cognitive Science (offered every fall semester)

A study of mental representations and computations. Issues examined include computation, representations, decisions, modularity, evolution, innateness, and reductionism.

NACS728F Selected Topics in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science; Introduction to Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

An introduction to functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). Students will be taught about formulating testable hypotheses with fMRI, utilizing basic methods in fMRI studies, and understanding existing limitations of fMRI studies in the literature.

NACS728J Selected Topics in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science; Biology of Chemosensory Systems

In this course you will learn about olfactory, phereomonal, gustatory and central chemosensation, among others.  Specifically, through lectures and discussions of papers, you will learn about transduction mechanisms, neural processing and the organization of central pathways in these chemosensory systems.  With this knowledge you will be able to contextualize the biological aspects of chemosensation in relation to its function in physiological and pathological states and in relation to other sensory systems.

NACS728M Selected Topics in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science; Grant Writing

Instruction in grant-writing skill, introduction to resources, discussions on how to make your grant competitive, and insight into the review process. The goal will be to have each participant submit an NRSA.

NACS728N Selected Topics in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science; Diseases of the Nervous System

An advanced course covering the neuroanatomy, function, and organization of the nervous system and its implication for pathology and disease.

NACS728O Selected Topics in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science; Hormones and Behavior

This course presents a comprehensive overview of the field of behavioral endocrinology, the study of the relationship between hormones and behavior, from a psychobiological perspective. We will examine the major mammalian endocrine systems, how hormones influence sex determination, how hormones underlie sex differences in brain structure and function, the role of hormones in parental and social behaviors, mood disorders, homeostasis, cognition and stress. Both normal and abnormal hormonal pathologies will be discussed. Due to the physiological and experimental erspectives of this course, much of the phenomenology that we will be studying will be based on research in species other than humans. This species comparative approach will reveal interesting "ways of doing things" that are intriguingly different from how "humans" do things.

NACS728Q Selected Topics in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science; Biological Bases of Behavior Laboratory

Students will study some of the key concepts in neuroscience by combining behavioral experiments with electrode recording from neurons controlling the behaviors. We will intensively examine concepts like creation of rhythmic behaviors (walking, flight), neurotransmitters control of aggression, drug affects on synaptic activity, high-speed neural circuits for effective escape from predators, and CNS maps in the visual system for directing prey capture. Students will learn microsurgery and a broad range of neural recording techniques. We work with animals (invertebrates, cold-blooded vertebrates) every week. A strong biology background will be beneficial.

NACS728W Selected Topics in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science; Computational Psycholinguistics

Current topics in research in computational linguistics.

NACS798 Master's Non-Thesis Research

NACS799 Master's Thesis Research

NACS898 Pre-Candidacy Research

NACS899 Doctoral Dissertation Research


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