Core Courses (must be completed by the end of the second year)
        NACS 600 Ethics in Scientific Research
        NACS 640 Foundational Readings (taken in the first year)
        Three of the following five courses (at least one course from each area):
                  Cognitive Area
                            NACS 642 Cognitive Neuroscience
                            NACS 645 Cognitive Science
                  Neuroscience Area
                            NACS 641 Introduction to Neurosciences
                            NACS 643 Computational Neuroscience
                            NACS 644 Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience

Supplemental Courses (must be completed by the end of the fourth year)
In addition to the core courses, NACS students must complete three courses (minimum of 9 credits) that are relevant to their program of research.

Dissertation Credits
The Graduate School requires 12 credits of 899 dissertation research credits before graduation.


First Year Research Project
Students will engage in a research project in their first year that culminates in a written report and oral presentation to their committee members.

Qualifying Examination / Advancement to Candidacy
Students take their qualifying examination in the fall semester of their third year. The qualifying exam has both a written section and an oral section. Students are eligible to advance to candidacy after they pass their qualifying exam.

Dissertation Proposal
Students will have a dissertation proposal meeting before the end of their fourth year. 

Dissertation Defense
Students are expected to defend their written dissertation by the end of their fifth year.

See the NACS Graduate Handbook for a detailed description of the program requirements.


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