Name Email Location & Phone
headshot Chillale, Rupesh Kumar
Assistant Research Scientist
rupesh [at] 2215, A.V.Williams Building
+1 (301)-405-0321
Zehua Cui Cui, Zehua
​Post-Doctoral Fellow
zcui12 [at] ​Neurocognitive Development Lab, ​​4094 Campus Drive, Biology/Psychology Building
Chengjie_Huang_Photo Huang, Chengjie (Gary)
Postdoctoral Researcher
chuang88 [at] 0221 LeFrak Hall
Andre, Goncalo I. Igreja Andre, Goncalo
Postdoctoral Researcher
giandre [at] BRB R.2235
A headshot of Michael A. Johns, a post-doctoral associate for the Institute for Systems Research and a NACS postdoc affiliate. Johns, Michael
Post-Doctoral Associate
maj [at] 2269 A.V. Williams
Photo of Dr. Jones, a smiling, brown-skinned woman with braids Jones, Desiree
President's Postdoctoral Fellow
drjones [at]
Image of Dana Kanel Kanel, Dana
Postdoctoral Fellow
dkanel [at] Seneca Building, 4716 Pontiac St, College Park, MD 20740
UMD seal Lerud, Karl
Postdoctoral researcher
A.V. Williams
UMD seal Li, Cheng-Yu
Postdoctoral Associate
cli12315 [at] 12053442864
UMD Seal Macedo-Lima, Matheus
Postdoctoral Associate
mmacedol [at] 1204 Biology-Psychology Building
UMD seal Parker, Coltan
Postdoctoral Associate
cgparker [at]
profile image Popal, Haroon
Postdoctoral Associate
hpopal [at]
Woman with long brown hair and brown eyes wearing black shirt Ramirez, Alexus
Postdoctoral Fellow
alexusgr [at]
Rashmi profile photo Rashmi, Rashmi
Postdoctoral Associate
rashmi15 [at] 1225 Bioscience Research Building, Department of Biology
Photo Ratliff, Erin
Postdoctoral Associate
eratlif2 [at] Neurocognitive Development Lab, ​​Biology/Psychology Building
Dr. Evangeline Rose Rose, Evangeline
Postdoctoral Associate
erose12 [at] 144 Bioscience Research Building
A headshot of a female with black hair in black and pink shirt Shin, So Yeon
Postdoctoral Associate
syshin [at] 2014S Seneca Building
Enda Tan Tan, Enda
Postdoctoral Fellow
endatan [at] Child Development Lab, Benjamin Building
Photo of Emilio Valadez smiling and standing in front of a bookcase Valadez, Emilio
Assistant Research Professor
evaladez [at] Child Development Lab, Seneca Building
A photo of Heather Yarger Yarger, Heather
Assistant Research Professor
hyarger [at] 3123A Biology-Psychology Building
Selin Zeytinoglu, Selin
Postdoctoral Fellow
selin [at] Child Development Lab, Seneca Building, Room 2104