Zubair Ahmed


Erica Glasper Kate MacLeod

Samira Anderson


Ken Grant Rochelle Newman

Ricardo Araneda


Jens Herberholz Colin Phillips

Harry Burgess


Mark Histed Nan Ratner

Shawn Burgess


Yi Ting Huang Tracy Riggins

Dan Butts


Nobuyuki Ishibashi Jae Shim

Melissa Caras


Scott Juntti Josh Singer

Mike Dougherty


Stefanie Kuchinsky Carson Smith

Naomi Feldman


Ellen Lau Alec Solway

Doug Fields


Anna Li Susan Wray
Rodolphe Gentili

Wei Li


Kareem Zaghloul
  Jeff Lidz  

The graduate advisor is a mentor for all aspects of the scientific and professional education of the student. This implies frequent, substantive interaction with the student. The student is expected, through his/her scholarship, to contribute to the mission of the advisor's laboratory, research group, and department.  However, the philosophy of the NACS program is that the advisor serves the student, not vice versa.

The advisor must be a Full Member of the Graduate Faculty at the University of Maryland, College Park and a NACS faculty member.  Students who want to conduct research with a NACS adjunct faculty member will have co-advisors: The adjunct faculty member acts as the research advisor and the UMD faculty member acts as academic advisor.

Only applicants in whom faculty members have expressed interest in will be considered for admission. Applicants should contact faculty with whom they would like to work prior to submitting their applications. It is best to send a relatively short email (2-3 paragraphs) to the faculty member whose research interests fit with yours.  In the email describe your research interests, background, and goals, and attach your resume. It is fine to ask if the faculty member is taking new students in the coming year (not all faculty take students every year). Initiating steps to network and build collaborative professional relationships is part of being a scientist.

Additional information about the mentor can be found in the NACS Graduate Handbook.

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