Potential Mentors



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The graduate adviser is a mentor for all aspects of the scientific and professional education of the student. This implies frequent, substantive interaction with the student. The student is expected, through his/her scholarship, to contribute to the mission of the mentor's laboratory, research group, and department.  However, the philosophy of the NACS program is that the mentor serves the student, not vice versa.

The advisor must be a Full Member of the Graduate Faculty at the University of Maryland, College Park and a NACS faculty member.  If the advisor ceases to be a member of NACS but remains on the University of Maryland, College Park faculty after matriculation of the student, the student may remain in the NACS program as long as he/she continues to meet all the requirements of the program. If the advisor leaves the University of Maryland, College Park, and the student decides to remain in the NACS program, the student must choose a new advisor willing to accept all the duties listed below. The former advisor can serve as co-advisor or as a committee member, if appropriate.

Additional information about the mentor can be found in the NACS Graduate Handbook.