Name Email Location & Phone
Dr. Pamela Abshire Abshire, Pamela
pabshire [at] 2211 A.V. Williams Building
Dr. Yiannis Aloimonos Aloimonos, Yiannis
jyaloimo [at] 4475 A.V. Williams Building
Dr. Samira Anderson Anderson, Samira
sander22 [at] 0119b LeFrak Hall
Angueyra Headshot Angueyra, Juan
Assistant Professor
angueyra [at] BPS2213
Araneda-Headshot Araneda, Ricardo C.
raraneda [at] 1114 Bioscience Research Building
Dr. Behtash Babadi Babadi, Behtash
Associate Professor
behtash [at] 2113 A. V. Williams Building
Dr. Gregory Ball Ball, Gregory
Professor and Vice President for Research
gball [at] 2133 Lee Building
Dr. Ed Bernat Bernat, Edward
Associate Professor
ebernat [at] 3123E Biology-Psychology Building
Dr. Donald Bolger Bolger, Donald
Associate Professor
djbolger [at] 3304N Benjamin Building
Adam Brockett Brockett, Adam
Assistant Research Professor
brockett [at]
Dr. Lucas Butler Butler, Lucas
Assistant Professor
lpbutler [at] 3304 Benjamin Building
Dr. Dan Butts Butts, Dan
Associate Professor
dab [at] 1118 Bioscience Research Building
Dr. Melissa Caras, Assistant Professor of Biology, sitting in an office. Caras, Melissa
Assistant Professor
mcaras [at] Biology-Psychology Building Room 3220
Dr. Catherine Carr Carr, Catherine
Distinguished University Professor
cecarr [at] 4231 Biology-Psychology Building
Dr. Peter Carruthers Carruthers, Peter
Distinguished University Professor
pcarruth [at] 1122B Skinner Building
Dr. Jude Cassidy Cassidy, Jude
jcassidy [at] 2147C Biology-Psychology Building
Caroline Charpentier Charpentier, Caroline
Assistant Professor
ccharpen [at] 3147C Biology-Psychology Building
Dr. Joseph Dien Dien, Joseph
Senior Research Scientist
jdien [at] Maryland Neuroimaging Center
Dr. Lea Rose Dougherty Dougherty, Lea
ldougher [at] 3123D Biology-Psychology Building
Dr. Michael Dougherty Dougherty, Michael
Professor & Chair
mdougher [at] 1147D Biology-Psychology Building
Dr. Kevin Dunbar Dunbar, Kevin
kndunbar [at] 3304U Benjamin Building
UMD seal Duraiswami, Ramani
Professor and Associate Chair for Graduate Education
ramanid [at] 4244 Iribe Center
Dr. Jan Edwards Edwards, Jan
edwards [at] 0121D Taliaferro Hall and 0141D Lefrak Hall
photo Faroqi-Shah, Yasmeen
yfshah [at] 0141F LeFrak Hall
Dr. Naomi Feldman Feldman, Naomi
Associate Professor
nhf [at] 1413A Marie Mount Hall
Dr. Cornelia Fermuller Fermuller, Cornelia
Associate UM Faculty Scientist
fermulcm [at] 4459 A.V. Williams Building
Dr. Nathan Fox Fox, Nathan
Distinguished University Professor
fox [at] 3404 Benjamin Building
Dr. Francis is standing in a corridor smiling with arms folded. Francis, Nikolas
Assistant Professor
cortex [at] 1205 Bioscience Research Building
Dr. Arianna Gard Gard, Arianna
Assistant Professor
arigard [at]
Dr. Rodolphe Gentili Gentili, Rodolphe
Associate Professor
rodolphe [at] 2144 School of Public Health
a photograph of tim george George, Tim
Assistant Research Scientist
tgeorge3 [at]
Goupell Headshot Goupell, Matthew
goupell [at] 0241 LeFrak Hall
UMD seal Gunther, Kelley
Assistant Research Scientist
kgunther [at]
Photo of Dr. Hart Hart, Evan
Assistant Professor (start date Fall 2024)
evan.hart [at]
Dr. Bradley Hatfield Hatfield, Bradley
Professor & Chair of the Department of Kinesiology
bhatfiel [at] 2351 School of Public Health
Dr. Jens Herberholz Herberholz, Jens
jherberh [at] 2123H Biology-Psychology Building
Eric Hoover Hoover, Eric
Assistant Professor
ehoover [at] 0119E, LeFrak Hall
Dr. Timothy Horiuchi Horiuchi, Timothy
Associate Professor
timmer [at] 2231 A.V. Williams Building
Dr. Norbert Hornstein Hornstein, Norbert
nhornste [at] 1401A Marie Mount Hall
Profile Photo in my office Hu, Ming
Associate Professor
mhu2008 [at] ARCH Building, Room 1207
Yi Ting Huang Huang, Yi Ting
Associate Professor
ythuang1 [at] 0141A LeFrak Hall
Dr. William Idsardi Idsardi, William
Professor and Chair
idsardi [at] 1401A Marie Mount Hall
Dr. Michael Israel Israel, Michael
Associate Professor
israel [at] 3100 Tawes Hall
Nan Jiang Jiang, Nan
njiang [at] 4117 Jimenez Hall
Dr. Scott Juntti Juntti, Scott
Assistant Professor
sjuntti [at] Biology-Psychology 2272
Dr. Tim Kiemel Kiemel, Tim
Research Associate Professor
kiemel [at] 2339 School of Public Health Building
Melanie Killen Killen, Melanie
mkillen [at] 3304B Benjamin Building
P, S. Krishnaprasad Krishnaprasad, P. S.
krishna [at] 2233 A.V. Williams Building
Dr. Howard Lasnik Lasnik, Howard
Distinguished University Professor
lasnik [at] 1106 Marie Mount Hall
Dr. Ellen Lau Lau, Ellen
Associate Professor
ellenlau [at] 3416 Marie Mount Hall
Anna Li Li, Anna
Assistant Professor
annali [at] 2123D Biology-Psychology Building
Dr. Jeffrey Lidz Lidz, Jeffrey
jlidz [at] 1417 Marie Mount Hall
Dr. Jared Linck Linck, Jared
Associate Research Scientist
jlinck [at] Center for Advanced Study of Language
Dr. Katrina MacLeod MacLeod, Katrina
Associate Research Scientist
macleod [at] 4244 Biology-Psychology Building
MacSwan MacSwan, Jeff
macswan [at] 2223 Benjamin Building
Dr. Ross Miller Miller, Ross
Associate Professor
rosshm [at] 2134A School of Public Health
Dr. Rochelle Newman Newman, Rochelle
Professor, and Chair of the Dept. of Hearing & Speech Sciences
rnewman1 [at] 0100 LeFrak Hall
Jared Novick Novick, Jared
Associate Professor
jnovick1 [at] Hearing and Speech Sciences, Lefrak 0125
UMD seal Oh, Hyuk
Assistant Research Professor
hyokoh [at] School of Public Health
Dr. Devon Payne-Sturges Payne-Sturges, Devon
Associate Professor
dps1 [at] 2234L School of Public Health
Dr. Luiz Pessoa Pessoa, Luiz
pessoa [at] 2123C Biology-Psychology Building
Colin Phillips Phillips, Colin
Professor and Distinguished Scholar-Teacher
colin [at] 1413F Marie Mount Hall
Dr. Maria Polinsky Polinsky, Maria
polinsky [at] 0121 Taliaferro Hall
Personal Image Powell, Danielle
Assistant Professor
dspowell [at] 0216 Lefrak Hall
UMD seal Powell, Danielle S.
Assistant Professor
dspowell [at]
Dr. Richard Prather Prather, Richard
Associate Professor
prather1 [at] 3304 Benjamin Building
Jeremy Purcell Purcell, Jeremy
Faculty Research Scientist
jpurcel8 [at]
Dr. Elizabeth Quinlan Quinlan, Elizabeth
equinlan [at] 1110 Bioscience UM Faculty Building
Nan Bernstein Ratner - photo Ratner, Nan
nratner [at] 0141G LeFrak Hall
picture of Elizabeth Redcay Redcay, Elizabeth
redcay [at] 2147D Biology-Psychology Building
Dr. Philip Resnik Resnik, Philip
resnik [at] 1401C Marie Mount Hall
Tracy Riggins Riggins, Tracy
riggins [at] 2147J Biology-Psychology Building
Picture of Matt Roesch Roesch, Matthew
Professor and NACS Director
mroesch [at] 2123G Biology-Psychology Building
Rachel Romeo picture Romeo, Rachel
Assistant Professor
romeo [at] 3304Q Benjamin Building
Alex Shackman Shackman, Alexander
shackman [at] 1147D Biology-Psychology Building
Dr. Shihab Shamma Shamma, Shihab
sas [at] 2203 A.V. Williams Building
Dr. Jae Kun Shim Shim, Jae Kun
jkshim [at] 0110F School of Public Health
Dr. Jonathan Simon Simon, Jonathan
jzsimon [at] 2145 A.V. Williams Building
Headshot of Madlen Simon Simon, Madlen
Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Outreach
mgsimon [at] Architecture Building
Dr. Joshua Singer Singer, Joshua
Professor, and Chair of the Department of Biology
jhsinger [at] 3210 Biology-Psychology Building
pic of bob Slevc, L. Robert
Associate Professor
slevc [at] 1147E Biology-Psychology Building
Dr. J. Carson Smith Smith, J. Carson
carson [at] 2134 School of Public Health
Colenso_speer Speer, Colenso
Assistant Professor
cspeer [at] BRB 1229
Lisa Taneyhill Taneyhill, Lisa
ltaney [at] 1405 Animal Sciences Building
Self-portrait during COVID19 Uriagereka, Juan
Professor, Linguistics & SLLC
juan [at] 4125 Jiménez Hall
301 4054025
Dr. Jian Wang Wang, Jian
Associate Professor
jianwang [at] 3144 Plant Sciences Building
Photo of Dr. Weizhen Xie Xie, Weizhen
Assistant Professor
zanexie [at]
Photo of Dr. Xu Xu, Nan
Assistant Professor (start date Jan 2025)
im.nan.xu [at]